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NYC's Millions March Totally Annoyed These SantaCon Attendees

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Since the Ferguson and Eric Garner grand jury decisions, New Yorkers have been staging protests across the city. Over the weekend, thousands took over the streets as part of the Millions March, which happened to coincide with the annual drunkfest that is SantaCon. Gothamist captured video of SantaCon participants who were particularly irked that their awesome celebration was interrupted by silly civil rights protests.


"What the fuck is the Millions March? It's all about Santa Claus," says one Santa bro, who's fully in support of a fictional fat man who lives in the North Pole. In the clip, one oblivious woman tells Gothamist, "One of our friends almost couldn't even get here because of the protests, and she finally made it." When the reporter asks if she and her friends will be joining the protests, she responds, "No, we're not going to the protest. We're all about the holiday season." Also, it's her friend's birthday, so why ruin it: "We're happy!"

Another pair of women interviewed were just cynical about the point of the protest: "Half the people there don't even know what they're marching for, so once they figure it out, we'll join." There are valid arguments about the agenda of some of the protesters, but this video really highlights the privilege of not having to be concerned with police brutality and the resulting ignorance.


Watch the Santa suit-clad bros get their party on above while protesters scream "We can't breathe!" in the background. Around the 3:40 mark (see below), one particularly forlorn Santa looks on at the march, thinking, Bah humbug ;/

Illustration for article titled NYCs Millions March Totally Annoyed These SantaCon Attendees

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Take a moment for the following thought experiment: thousands people of color descend on Manhattan dressed in costume with the express purpose of moving in large mobs and getting drunk. How would the event be reported in the press? Would more than 2 police show up on a given block to manage the raucous and disruptive revelers?