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NYC Woman Throws Herself Off Rooftop Bar, Party People Keep Drinking

Illustration for article titled NYC Woman Throws Herself Off Rooftop Bar, Party People Keep Drinking

On Monday night, a 30-year-old woman named Faigy Mayer jumped 20 stories to her death from the rooftop bar at 230 Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District, reports the New York Post. The bar’s ledge is only four feet tall; Mayer jumped at 7:30 p.m.

“There was a big corporate party up there and she kind of ran through them [the partygoers] and jumped,” said another witness Becky Whittemore.

“They closed off the section where she jumped from. I think a lot of the people up there had zero clue what was going on.”


230 Fifth Avenue boasts “New York’s largest outdoor Rooftop Garden and Fully enclosed Penthouse Lounge. One floor is fully enclosed. And our rooftop garden is open to the sky.” It is so spacious and sky-open that a person could jump off of it, hypothetically and also last night, and patrons admiring the Empire State view could keep drinking, which they did, reportedly. Maybe they had to finish their $95 guacamole platter. You can’t ever really know what’s going on in someone’s head.

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Bears for President

Hey, if I’m paying 95 dollars for a Guacamole platter, that shit’s getting finished even if it’s me jumping.