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Um, say what? Kind of a weird and icky way to remember someone who's just died. But writer Jan Hoffman's piece is full of weird.


After beginning the piece with the question, "who was your Elizabeth Edwards?," Hoffman gives a few options, including "goddess of frumpy wives and older mothers" and "Icarus." A few other choices are better-, but "frumpy wives"? What the hell.

It's the line about Edwards' "warm smile, left-leaning advocacy, generous hips and personal tragedies" that really sticks in the mind, though. Did you ever think much about Edwards' hips when she was alive? And is today, the day she's been laid to rest, the right time to start?


Two more: Edwards was an "older, hearty woman of substance; perhaps that boded well for women with dimming memories of their 40s and long-ago visits to the gym," and also "a refreshing model of a powerful woman, the un-Angelina."

Angelina ... Jolie? Pivarnick? Angelina who?

What a mess.

Elizabeth Edwards, Through Many Eyes [NY T
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