NY Nail Salons Will Now Be Required to Display Workers' Bill of Rights

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The New York Times exposé series about labor conditions in New York nail salons continues to produce swift state action: Governor Cuomo ordered emergency measures for the investigation and regulation of salons in the state, there’s been an active local campaign to partner with community groups and city agencies on salon worker education, and now, starting this week, salons will be required to post this bill of rights “in clear sight of customers and employees.”

The bill of rights is available in 10 languages, and the Times writes that they’repoised to become a new fixture of the city’s interior landscape, as ubiquitous as anti-choking posters in restaurants and the printed encouragements in restrooms for employees to wash their hands.” Next up is a rollout of consumer cards, listing questions to ask when choosing a nail salon and numbers to call in case of suspected violation. Let us know if you start seeing these in the wild!

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Ladybug the ninja cat

I’m glad that the posters include the information that the workers’ rights apply regardless of immigration status. One of my concerns was that undocumented workers would be threatened with deportation for speaking up, and I hope anyone calling the information line will be directed to appropriate legal help if necessary.