Image via HBO.

Here’s something exciting: The New York state legislature has approved a law that will, through $5 million in tax breaks, incentivize TV shows to hire women and people of color as writers and directors. More exciting, entertainment news website The Wrap first lead this story with a Girls still featuring Lena Dunham grasping Matthew Rhys’ prosthetic cock!

It is true that Dunham is a successful female director and writer who lives in New York. It is also true that the screen grab used by The Wrap comes from a scene in which Dunham’s Hannah is masturbated on, then holds the penis of a famous writer, played by Rhys.


You see that?

That’s a dick, folks.


A lil tip right there.

Male full frontal—fake male full frontal, but still—on a popular entertainment website and tax incentives for networks to hire women and people of color? This is the future that liberals want...


The Wrap has wrapped it up and swapped the dick pic for a different Girls promotional photo. Another beautiful moment in internet ephemera.