Nutscaping: Selfies for Men to Dangle Their Balls Over Breathtaking Views

Every once in awhile a photo-taking trend comes along that causes us to simply ask, “Why?” Several years ago, it was “planking.” Before that, it was the “fingerstache.” Now there’s a photo meme that people are going nuts for, literally. It’s called Nutscaping, and it involves a dude’s single testicle hovering over a majestic natural landscape.


The Nutscapes website describes itself as “selfies for real men,” and was started in New Zealand in 2007. Clancy Philbrick, the Nutscapes founder, told Mashable he thinks the project has “great artistic depth because it touches upon both a low-brow vulgarity and a high-brow concept.” He explained, “The positioning of testes looming over these landscapes proposes a lot of interesting questions in regards to mankind versus nature, stewardship, environmental responsibility, future progeny and masculine vulnerability.” And if you’ve ever been slightly curious to see the world from the point-of-view of a man’s balls, like I have, well, there you go.

These world-traveling testes are not as outwardly crude as seeing a photo of a man’s penis strategically placed in a hot dog bun (an image that has haunted my eyes for years.) They are somewhat reminiscent of the olden days when someone’s thumb would accidentally get caught inside the frame of a shot. Instead, the circular obstruction is just some balls photobombing the scenic view. The balls aren’t as obvious as first — until you noticed the presence of wiry pubes.

Remember, popular photo memes can sometimes spawn copycats, so we’ll have to see what might follow Nutscapes next.

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Did anyone else have stupid guy friends that would “brain” people? It was like they’d wait for someone to look away and when they did they’d unzip their pants and arrange their balls so they were hanging outside the zipper and then they’d just wait for someone to notice.

I only knew two guys who did this and one is now an insane crackhesd and the other is a gross crust punk heroin addict so I don’t know