Nurses are Furious with Joy Behar For Mocking Miss Colorado After She Wore Her Stethoscope Onstage

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The View’s Joy Behar is facing the wrath of thousands of angry nurses after she questioned why Miss America contestant and nurse Kelley Johnson was wearing “a doctor’s stethoscope” onstage during her monologue. Bad move, Joy.


During the talent portion of Sunday night’s pageant, Johnson, competing as Miss Colorado and wearing her scrubs and stehthoscope, gave an impassioned monologue about caring for a patient with Alzheimer’s.

Joy Behar didn’t get it, as she made clear during a generally mean-spirited discussion with Michelle Collins about Johnson’s monologue being “weird.”

“Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on?” she asked, sounding genuinely baffled.

The comments demonstrated both a general ignorance of nursing and, perhaps, a worrying indicator that Behar hasn’t been for a checkup in a while, where the doctor generally only makes a perfunctory appearance after medical assistants and nurses do the heavy lifting. (You okay, Joy?)

The response from nurses has been swift and unamused. The #nursesunite hashtag on Instagram and Twitter is filled with furious medical professionals who don’t plan on watching The View again.


Neither Behar nor Collins have commented on the backlash, although they must surely have noticed it by now.


Update, 1:45 p.m.: Both View hosts say they’re very sorry, they love nurses, and their comments were taken out of context.

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I would like to start out by saying that I know and love many nurses (my mom was one for 30+ years), I admire and respect the job they do, and Joy Behar is an idiot. Nurses are awesome!

But on my Facebook news feed, it seems like it’s a constant competition between teachers and nurses to see who can most martyr themselves regarding their profession. It’s basically a constant competing stream of “You don’t even KNOW what a nurse’s job is like!” memes and “We’re preparing your kids for their futures, and you don’t even THANK us!” memes. So now I’m even madder at Joy Behar for feeding into the hype machine that somehow nurses are MORE underappreciated at their job than any other profession, as though sewage system workers are constantly being lauded as heroes or something. Way to go, Joy.