Artist Daniel Edwards, who previously sculpted Britney giving birth, Angelina breastfeeding twins, and the Octomom octopus, is at it again with a life-size bronze statue of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The teens are nude and conjoined at the waist, with a Canadian maple leaf and a Texas Lone Star covering their genitals. At their feet, a Canadian goose mounts an armadillo from behind. You know, totally normal stuff!

Edwards tells MTV he's trying to make a point about the exploitation of teenage celebrities, but we imagine Bieber and Gomez are still pretty creeped out. Edwards does score points for screwing with Fox News. He said in an interview:

"They're pretty inspiring. They're a beautiful young couple, and [Bieber] seems to have a lot to say politically. Being my age, he's not exactly on my radar, but when he starts talking politically, I feel good about his future."


Fox notes that the Canadian ingrate has called the American health care system "evil" (though apparently they aren't worried about his stance on abortion).


The sculpture will be unveiled at Dallas' New Fine Arts, and you can behold the work in all of its possibly-NSFW glory here.