Now You Can Spend Your Fortune On Audrey Hepburn's Personal Belongings

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Venn Diagram mapping people of considerable wealth and people enamored with Audrey Hepburn surely has at least some overlap. And if you are one of those who falls in the middle, take note: now you can purchase a variety of the actress’s personal belongings.


As the A.V. Club reports, Christie’s London will host an auction in September 2017 featuring both pieces of her iconic wardrobe and precious memorabilia. The company promises “unique personal objects which have never before been seen on the market.” Here’s a list of just some of what’s up for grabs:

  • Hepburn’s annotated Breakfast At Tiffany’s script
  • A selection of her famous ballet pumps
  • A Burberry trenchcoat
  • Portraits
  • Personal letters, including one from Truman Capote—author of the novel Breakfast At Tiffany’s
  • An engraved cigarette lighter commemorating the film My Fair Lady, which Hepburn received from the film’s art director

Hepburn’s personal effects tend to summon large bids. Last year a collection of letters was sold for 11,250 pounds, which was more than twice the estimate. And in 2010, a rare set of 10 stamps marshaled a winning bid of 380,000 pounds; they were coveted for the image of Hepburn smoking in Tiffany’s.

With financial commitment, one could assemble an almost creepily authentic Audrey Halloween costume. But could you master this impression?



There are a couple of her leading men I’d be interested in getting if they were alive and the right age.