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If you love guns and also happen to be looking for a way to send off a recently deceased loved one, a company called Holy Smoke has just the thing! For a mere $850, they will pack one pound of your dead family member's ashes into 250 shotgun shells. Then you can use these bullets to hunt with, and somehow this will be a loving tribute to the dearly departed. If this sounds a little bizarre to you, one of the owners of Holy Smoke assures you it makes sense:

"People have had their ashes sprinkled in rivers and the ocean, there have been ashes spread out of airplanes," he said. "If you love hunting or the outdoors, this really isn't much different."


Hmm. No doubt the animal you kill with your loved one's ashes will appreciate the chance to be part of such a wonderful gesture.

Company Will Load Loved Ones' Ashes Into Ammunition [USA Today]

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Not to mention that the animal you shoot will be filled with the particles of your dead relative. Which means once you eat it, it'll still have the essence of your dead relative in it. Why beat around the bush? Take a leaf out of Keith Richard's book and just snort the ashes?