Now You Can Drink Your Rosé From a 40

With summer approaching, we needed a new way to consume pink wine. Here it is, as a forty.


Bring back “Edward Forty Hands” with a twist. A twist of red fruit and melon, with rhubarb finish, that is. The company behind the internet hit “40 Ounces of Muscadet” has added a new flavor to their line, allowing us to drink rosé all day and into the night and then into the toilet. Or at least, that was my experience the last time I drank a regular 40 and also the last time I drank enough rosé to fell a small but athletic deer.

While this product does seem like yet another play for millennial love of nostalgia/Instagram-ready props/basic white women, it is also a convenient way to keep track of exactly how much you drank in a night. Too much, is the answer. If you drink this, you’ve had too much to drink.

Cosmopolitan reports that the bottle costs about $16, which is definitely more money than shitty beer, but a real steal on wine. It is, however, only available in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, and Colorado and there are only 1,200 cases from the 2016 vintage. If they run out, you can always switch to white though:

Personally, I will stick to the more traditional method of drinking rosé out of a mug so people think I’m having a coffee at two in the afternoon. Happy weekend!

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Embarrassing confession: I went to get some sparkling rose the other day, and instead of rose, I picked up Barefoot Bubbly Peach because it was cheaper and I was in the shitty liquor store and I was fresh out of fucks. You know what? It was goddamn delightful. I could drink that shit ALL DAY.