Now You Can Be Afraid of Wearing Your Hair in a Ponytail

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Yet another reason the short hair trend may continue to reign supreme: in Venezuela, women with ponytails are being attacked for their hair, like they are rare and mystical horses running around wild and free, waiting to be clipped of their freedom.


It's happening about how you'd imagine it. Thieves are running up to women in public and, as one woman described to CNN, just going for it:

"I thought they were going to steal my cell phone, because I had it in my hand at the time, but they took out scissors," she said. "They did not give me a chance to think or to run or anything. And when I looked, I no longer had any hair."


How common this hair theft "trend" actually is, it's unclear. The people that are taking advantage of it are believed to be selling the human hair for wigs, since human hair is such a valuable commodity all around the world – even hair extension thefts have been known to happen in the United States. For Venezuelan women, ponytail clipping is apparently yet another thing women they get to worry about, somewhere above whether or not they're the most beautiful in the world but below those general issues of sexual assault and domestic violence that their leaders have paid very little attention to.

Hold on to your hair: Scissors-wielding thieves attack women in Venezuela [CNN]

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I thought we were already supposed to be afraid to wear our hair in a ponytail because rapists will grab you by it.