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Now We Know What a Socially Distanced Dance Party Looks Like

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The reality of what nightclubs will look like in our weird, socially-distant world is still up in the air for places where clubs are still shuttered. How the hell do you keep a safe distance on the dancefloor, sweaty bodies mingling, and still have fun? One German club seems to have it figured out, even if the results are a little awkward.


Resident Advisor shared footage from a dance party in Münster, where German DJ Gerd Janson played to a small crowd of people in masks. It looks like many of them are dancing in little strategically placed circles, which reminds me of the white circles spray painted in New York City’s Domino Park to help people distance properly.


It looks like for the most part people stayed in their circles. NME reports that tickets for the event sold out in minutes. Even though the venue where the set was held normally can hold 1,500 to 2,000 people, only 100 people could buy tickets, which cost 70 euros (around 76 dollars). The promoters explained that the tickets were so expensive because they’d need to up prices to meet normal sales for an event like this.

What do you think? Could you keep your dancing to an itty bitty circle if it meant actually getting to dance, anywhere, with people, to live music, oh god remember what that felt like? Help!

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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A dance party where people aren’t constantly bumping into me, having conversations about stupid shit extremely loudly inches from ear so that I can’t hear the music, and where sticky drinks aren’t constantly being spilled on me? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP.