Novelist and Media Guru Kurt Andersen Is Here to Take Your Questions

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Today we're donning our media fancypants and bringing in noted author, radio host, Vanity Fair contributor, Spy co-founder, and all-around media expert Kurt Andersen. He has a good reason for coming to Jezebel: The narrator of his new novel, True Believers, is a woman. That's over 400 pages of Kurt Andersen writing as a lady — and a very interesting lady indeed. Booklist nicely summarizes:

Composing her memoirs, onetime Supreme Court nominee Karen Hollander tells us up front that she is going to reveal the truth about a deadly incident from her radical past. But despite that irresistible beginning, she doesn't actually remember or know everything she wants to put in her book. She interviews old friends and even has herself investigated by a CIA-operative lover, but her old compatriots don't share her eagerness to have their dark secret come to light.


Suspense and spy games ensue.

Kurt will be here to chat with you about his book and anything else that comes to mind — the man has written about pretty much everything, from pop culture to politics — so get your questions ready and post them below; Kurt will be here from 4-5pm to tackle the topics of your choosing.

Kurt's novel, True Believers, is on sale now in hardcover or for Kindle. Once you're done with 50 Shades of Grey, we suggest you check it out.


Rich Juzwiak

Did putting yourself in the head of a woman for as long as it took you to write the book have any (so far) permanent effects on your life?