There’s nothing cooler in casual wear right now than statement tees and tour merchandise. We didn’t anticipate this fashion moment when we were crafting our brand-new Jezebel merchandise shop—in which we are offering tees, tanks, hoodies and stickers in a muted palette that can take you from autumn to summer—but here we are, offering you Jezebel statement tees that double as tour merch.

As anyone talking in a public place about something they read on Jezebel only to be excoriated by some sexist buttinsky knows, wearing a t-shirt with our logo indeed makes a statement. There are so many different applications for this utilitarian look, which can also be worn with an athleisure ensemble—if you must. Wear it to family gatherings to start antagonistic conversations with long-lost cousins about reproductive rights! Put it on right before you sleep with a new person to gauge where they stand on gender parity! Wear it to the gym to keep creeper weightlifters from trying to talk to you! It’s versatile: it’s both an attractant and a repellant.


See, just like you, your namebrand apparel contains multitudes! Again, check back for updated and extremely hot styles, though it’s very likely we will never hawk anything in either pink or the Thrasher font.

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