Earlier this afternoon, President Obama gave a speech on the egregious errors people are encountering as they attempt to enroll in healthcare coverage via Healthcare.gov from the Rose Garden at the White House . His statement was interrupted, however, when the pregnant woman standing behind him began to sway and slowly lose consciousness.


As she started to black out, the POTUS turned to steady her, saying, "I got you. You're okay," then joking, "That's what happens when I talk too long."

(Some place, somewhere, Michelle Obama is giving her husband the most epic eye roll of all time.)


The woman, Karmel Allison, is a prospective Affordable Care Act beneficiary who has managed Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 9. Soon after she was helped off the podium to receive medical attention, Allison tweeted to tell everyone that she was alright.

Say what you will about the President's faults, but this ability to handle PR is certainly not one of them.

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