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Noted Crank Gives Inexplicable Gift Advice

Illustration for article titled Noted Crank Gives Inexplicable Gift Advice

You hear "gift guide," and — even considering that said gift guide is authored by professional crank Liz Jones — you think, "how bad can it be?" And then you read it. And yes, this was the accompanying image.


The premise, first of all, is a gift guide for men, as well as a list of things men should never buy women. It includes things like "clothes" and anti-aging cream, as well as head-scratchers like flowers (because the lady in question "already has a Christmas tree to contend with and doesn't have time to find a vase.") But then there's this:

Don't Buy: Anything edible. (I have a friend who is a size 18 whose boyfriend gave her a heart-shaped cookie on Valentine's Day. No.)


Wait, what? Is that story supposed to be shocking? Was her friend dieting, or does Jones simply think anyone at size 18 (approximately a 12-14 US) should under no circumstances be tempted with food? Maybe, having just written an edible gift guide, I'm biased, but this strikes me as deeply odd. It presumes a fraught relationship with food (problematic) and is bad advice to boot! I'm not saying I'd want a heart-shaped cookie — they're frequently old, slightly dusty and taste like sugary sawdust — but in fact food gifts are one of the best ways to avoid the present-pitfalls Jones enumerates.

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No to clothes, but yes to lingerie?

No to clothes, but yes to cashmere?

No to clothes, but yes to vintage jewelry?

I won't argue against Manolos, but don't take away the joy of shopping for my own. And if we can't trust the men to buy clothes, we can't trust them with lingerie, cashmere, jewelry or shoes either.