Note to Partiers: You're Not Allowed to Fuck on the Streets of Montauk

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During the summer, New York City’s most wealthy and debauched will often escape the heat of the city by heading for East Hampton, bringing with them suitcases full of madras shorts, straw fedoras, and—most importantly—their shittiest behavior. Well, bad news for these dumb Gatsby wannabes: East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell is SICK of their “over-the-top drinking and partying.”

“You have some people who are involved in that scene who are renting a room or a house, but we also have transients who are coming from the city and other parts of Long Island to drink as much as they can, raise hell and leave town,” he tells the New York Post. “That’s the kind of tourism that we don’t think kindly of.”

Partying in the popular East Hampton hamlet of Montauk reportedly reached a fever-pitch over Fourth of July weekend when “hipsters” were having sex in public and “rais[ing] hell.”


According to the Post:

Since the Fourth of July, over 550 violations have been issued, including arrests and summonses for noise, public urination, traffic violations, and drunk driving. Fire marshals, NY State Liquor Authority officials, state police and DWI task force members are now swarming the town, making stops at venues including The Surf Lodge, Ruschmeyer’s, Harbor, Crow’s Nest and Navy Beach to ensure music is turned down after 9 p.m.

That’s right, ya jerks. Party’s over, so pack up your bags, put your ding-dong in your pants, and go back to ruining bars in the sweltering hellscape of Manhattan.

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Feminist Kittenjoy [is back after a long hiatus]

I’ve never had patience for loud drunks. What is it about intoxication that inspires one to repeatedly yell “WOOO!” at top volume?

Party on but don’t be dicks. Or, at least, be *quiet* dicks. Also, no fluids. Gross.

Sincerely, a now old who, even when a young, has never had tolerance for loud rudeness