"Not Sexy Asian, Math Asian": Life In The Post-Racial Paradise

Chris Matthews often has trouble forgetting when his guests and subjects are female, but his assertion that he forgot for an hour that the president was black inspired The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac to get in on the post-racial party.


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I just want to endorse that Ta-Nehisi Coates post about the incident (linked by Irin above) — just a very clear, awesome explanation not just why Matthews' comment was absurd, but how it reflects a much larger problem that the privileged classes (whites, men, Westerners, etc.) like to pretend isn't a problem. Matthews would never call himself a racist, and in fact, probably has pretty good intentions on the issue of race. But that doesn't change the fact that he obviously thinks it's notable when he can respect and appreciate a black politician in the same way he might a white one. He wants to pretend this isn't true, but it obviously is. And this problem of perception is really Matthews' issue to reconcile, not Obama's or any other African American.

But seriously, read the TNC piece. He says it better than I can.