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"Not Otherwise Specified" Is Not Helpful

Illustration for article titled Not Otherwise Specified Is Not Helpful

In a new study, over 60% of patients with Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified met criteria for hospitalization. Unsurprisingly, the vague diagnosis "provides no meaningful information regarding the nature of the problem or appropriate treatment approaches." [CNN]


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I'm glad that this issue is being recognized! I still don't understand the need to differentiate between someone with Anorexia Nervosa and someone with EDNOS. If they are sick enough to even be considered for an Eating Disorder diagnosis, who gives a fuck if they aren't missing their periods or haven't fallen below BMI of 17.5?

One of my friends recently relapsed, but can't get treatment because she isn't "thin" enough which she in turns interprets as "sick" enough. Makes my blood boil.