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Not Every Act Needs To Be A Public Political Statement

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"we do think, on some level, that our individual actions need to be held up as some sort of heroic feminist acts, and that's where I think we've taken the political too far." -Rachel Kramer Bussel on the personal-political divide.


Fucking: What's Feminism Got To Do With It? [Lusty Lady]

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I agree with this, so very much. I am tired of my every choice, every action being interpreted politically, and being held up as symbolic of "women" as a whole. I want to be seen as an individual, someone who acts in pursuit of pleasure as much as in pursuit of political gain, who lives life to live, not to make statements. I want to be all my contradictions without being chastised for not being a "good feminist" or a "good liberal." I don't want to have to abide by "the personal is political" anymore.