Not Even Rain Could Keep These Parrotheads From Wasting Away Again In Margaritaville

On Friday morning, what looked like hundreds of Jimmy Buffet superfans (apparently known as “Parrotheads” due to their affinity for wearing parrots on their heads) flocked to New York City’s Rockefeller Center to watch the singer/songwriter/author/entrepreneur/actor take the stage and perform some of his biggest hits for Today’s summer concert series.


“This music is for babies,” said Jezebel’s Kate Dries after watching the clip embedded below, and I’m inclined to agree. Only the babies in question have been nursing from breast-shaped kegs of Miller Lite, sucking on hard candy imported from the great states of Washington and Colorado, and telling their parents to “unwindulax” when asked to go to sleep.

All the Parrotheads are expected to cram into Nick and Shiela’s RV within the next few hours and drive off to the next Jimmy Buffett show, but not before Cody stops to buy a case of tequila because it’s his turn.


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$7Coffee - aka Pat Toomey is a Shit Weasel

These concerts are invariably a drunken, tacky good time and I feel no shame in saying that.