Not Even Bravo Andy Can Save Teresa Giudice From Herself

Part two of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion was a lot like part one in that it was an hour and fifteen minutes of four people picking apart Teresa Giudice's flaws. And yes, there are many, but the second half of this hours-long reunion focused on two major points. The first is that Caroline Manzo is estranged from her sister Dina (who was on the show for its first season), and Caroline blames Teresa for the fallout. But what came next was worse.

Andy Cohen, host of the reunion, interrupted Teresa as she was blathering on about how "real" she is to say "Are you not saying the word "distanced?" "I distannn myself from them. Distannn," replied Teresa and for a moment all of the collective viewers had to feel badly for hating this villainous woman because, honestly, she's a halfwit. But the pity coffers were quickly drained when Cohen continued to rail on her for condoning her husband's rampant use of gay slurs. "We have a lot of friends that are gay," argued Teresa, who also added, "He's a grown man!" Right, we know, that's part of the problem. Because Teresa couldn't explain why Joe persisted in using homophobic slurs, everyone else decided to speculate as to whether Joe's vocabulary usage was a learned social behavior, or simply due to a complete lack of intelligence. We say both.


Later in the evening on Watch What Happens Live, Cohen admitted he has received some flack for the treatment of Teresa. "I got a number of tweets all week … that were critical of my performance in regard to one person," he said and then proceeded to make the night's "Viewer Poll" about whether or not he was too harsh on Ms. Guidice. 39% said yes.



Why doesn't Theresa seem to have any grasp on the English language? She was born here, grew up here, and has been speaking the language her whole life but she doesn't seem to have any grasp of verb tenses. I know she says it is "because she is Italian" but that is crap bc my mother grew up in the Middle East and far East, she went to American schools but spoke French at home and her English is just fine. She didn't speak the language anywhere but school, and she managed to get it. How can a woman who grew up in America not understand that distance and distanced are not the same word?