Not Enough Jesus on Pinterest? Try Godinterest.

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Pinterest just doesn’t have enough Christian influence, or you know, Jesus — so someone decided to create a religious splinter site, the awkwardly-named Godinterest.

According to the website’s about page, the site is meant to help Christian ministries engage with the public through social media. If you’re a pastor or leader at your church, you can use the site to organize “church events, travel planning, inspirational quotes” along with the usual carnal desire to just buy, bake or ogle stuff like half-naked topless men. Hey, it happens.


Godinterest also says it can be used by “savvy Christian business owners” to market themselves and their products. From the home page, products might include “Jesus Nutritional Facts” t-shirts or cute books to explain God to children. It all seems harmless enough, but as a Christian, I’m already pinning Christ-like bits on my regular Pinterest. Now I’m wondering, is it enough?

After reading about Godinterest, I had to review my Pinterest page and make sure I’m not sinning where I’m pinning, if you know what I mean. I don’t have an objectification board like some folks I know (though I certainly follow said boards and drool regularly), but between my Never-Ending Wish List and Bags boards, I’m pretty greedy. But I guess if I don't act on those immoral thoughts of borderline credit card disaster, then I'm good, right? Please Lord, don't let me caught up in Sinterest.

For what it's worth, you can still pin your Godinterest items on your immoral Pinterest boards — but keep an eye out for the potential bolt of righteous lightning.

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