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North West Is Thrilled to Be in Israel, Getting Baptized

Illustration for article titled North West Is Thrilled to Be in Israel, Getting Baptized

Kim Kardashian-West, Kanye West, their daughter North West, and Kim’s sister Khloé have been having an amazing time in the Middle East.


First they went to the genocide museum in Armenia, and today they brought North to her real homeland, Yerushalaim, so she could eat some falafel, brush up on her Hebrew, and become a full-blown Christian. !מרגש

The ceremony was held at Saint James Cathedral in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem, a 12th-century Armenian church. Kanye and North wore white; Kim wore beige. North lets out a soft cry as her head is dunked underwater; she’s anxious to get this over with so she can slip a prayer in between the stones of the Western Wall, and see the sun reflecting off the golden dome of the Temple Mount.


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Emma Golddigger

Babies love genocide museums!