North West Has a Boyfriend??

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Here I am, zero plans for Valentine’s Day, and North West, the 5-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, may or may not have just gotten a Tiffany & Co. present from her 7-year-old (?) boyfriend (??) as a gift. I am but a simple woman who wasn’t asked to be someone’s girlfriend until middle school, after a hot summer’s day at the water park. How do you think North and Caiden Mills met? How does Mills know what Tiffany & Co. is? They are both the children of rappers, so even at their young age, we live worlds apart.


A brief survey of Mills’s Instagram reveals that he, North, and her brother Saint recently went on a play date to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Four days ago, he posted a photo of him with his arm around North and captioned it “Boo’d Up”.

Generational wealth is crazy, y’all. In writing this, I found out North doesn’t have an Instagram account, and I think maybe it should stay that way for a minute!


Meghan Markle’s 2015 Valentine’s Day post from her old lifestyle blog is a blast from her single-girl past. You’ll remember—in 2015, Markle was not a member of British royal family and was still an actress on Suits. In 2015, she was also taking advice from her co-stars Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres, who told her to stop complaining about dating or not dating:

“Last season I was chatting with my Suits sister wives, Sarah and Gina, and was in some sort of funk, bemoaning something that was so futile I don’t even remember what it was now. But I was faaaaaar from showing [myself] self love,” she wrote.

“One of them stopped me — truth be told I can’t remember which one because they both impart their sage wisdom with me on the daily — but one of the stylish wise ones stopped me and said, ‘Hey! That’s my friend you’re talking about. Be nice to her.’ “

Markle surmises that they wanted her to focus on “be[ing] [her] own valentine.” So she did:

“This Valentine’s Day I will be with friends, running amock through the streets of New York, likely imbibing some cocktail that’s oddly pink, and jumping over icy mounds in my new shoes through the salted snowy streets of the West Village,” she noted in the post.


A Galentine’s Day pioneer! Love actually is, etc. etc.


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My daughter is 7, and some of the kids are starting to take a mild “romantic” interest in one another. I talk with her about how crushes are normal, but that at this age, it’s most important to be friends. It was also a great segue into wanted vs. unwanted attention and how and when to calmly shut it down vs. report it.

I introduced her to the concept of Galentines in the car this morning, and she couldn’t WAIT to share it with her best gal pals.