North Korea Pitchman Dennis Rodman Checks Into Rehab

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Clutching a badly frayed passport and a Nike duffel, former rebounding legend and Michael Jordan acquaintance Dennis Rodman entered a rehab facility in New Jersey. The trip to rehab comes after the latest of Rodman's slumber parties with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and an ugly meltdown in front of CNN reporter Chris Cuomo.


Rodman's brand of "basketball diplomacy" — he recently led a group of former NBA players in a very special exhibition game for Kim Jong Un's birthday — has attracted lots of criticism from people who think a bygone celebrity extolling the virtues of one of the world's most repressive regimes is a pretty crappy publicity stunt. As for his mission to convince the world that Kim Jong Un is really a swell guy, Rodman has been less than successful, insinuating recently that Kenneth Bae, an American imprisoned in North Korea, probably did something to earn his sentence. When pressed by Cuomo as to what kind of a thing Bae did, Rodman freaked out and now we're all here, wondering the same thing: So, is Michael Jordan going to un-retire again, or what? [CNN, TMZ]

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Is it really rehab or a CIA safe house where he is being debriefed and turned? I watch Homeland y'all and I know my shit.