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North Carolinians Have A Message For Hurricane Earl

Illustration for article titled North Carolinians Have A Message For Hurricane Earl

[Avon, North Carolina, September 1: Members of the Wood and Rollins families, who plan to ride out the storm in their rented beach house, stand on the balcony waving at passing cars. Image via Getty]


A hurricane watch has been issued for most of the North Carolina coastline due to the approaching Category 4 Hurricane Earl that is expected to pass the Outer Banks of North Carolina early on the morning of September 3.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

You laugh, but it's a well kept secret of magic and science that the best way to prevent something from happening (or will something to happen) is to make a sign demanding that it be so. After successfully communicating to a weather system that it is unwelcome, the Wood and Rollins families plan on making a big banner that reads "ECONOMY: FIX THYSELF!" and another one that reads "WORLD PEACE: NOW!"