Normal Human Tries to Eat Like The Rock

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When the daily food intake of action star, professional wrestler and registered Republican Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was published by Muscle & Fitness last month, it was pretty astonishing, to say the least. While no one probably expected the 6-foot-5, 260-pound actor to be chomping down on rice cakes and green tea, the seven whole meals he consumes on the regular seemed unreal. Mostly because it consisted of a shitton of cod that equals to over 800 pounds per year. Would a normal person be able to eat as much as The Rock does every day? A writer from Complex made an attempt.

Even though he hates fish, Complex’s Sean Evans challenged himself to eat like the actor for just one day. The writer began with a morning workout and The Rock’s first meal—eggs, oatmeal and his beloved cod. During his fourth meal, dude barfed. He still marched on throughout the day, even though everything The Rock eats “tastes like butt.” Us human weaklings will never come close to being The Scorpion King. Props to Evans for trying, though.

Another writer should take on one of The Rock’s “Legendary Cheat Meals” next. In 2012, the Furious 7 star tweeted pictures of himself enjoying a stack of 12 pancakes, four double-dough pizzas and 21 peanut butter brownies after five months of eating clean.


Though it’s probably a heart attack and diarrhea-fest waiting to happen, at least that pile of delicious junk will be funner to eat than an ocean’s worth of cod.

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Just reading about the tablespoons of fish oil gives me fish burps.

So far, I have never found omega 3 pills that don’t give me fish burps. Whole tablespoons of the stuff - yikes.