Nordstrom Denies Airbrushing Model's Waist

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Yesterday, Nordstrom denied via Twitter its use of Photoshop on Tao Okamoto's Ralph Lauren-sporting torso:

"@Jezebel Our policy is not 2 thicken or thin models. See original photo. We smoothed wrinkles, nipples & upped colr"

They then linked to the above picture of what are supposedly the original and edited versions of the photo.


I followed up with some Intense Scientific Research, using a process called Figuring Out Whether Or Not People Have Intestines. Consensus: They do! I do not buy your Tweet, Nordstrom. And I will not buy your polo, either.

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I think by "upped the color" they meant color matching, which is standard in retouching.

When a photo comes straight out of a camera, the color may have shifted depending on the lighting, contrast etc. Can't say for certain cause I don't work for Nordstrom but I'd assume they were correcting it to the true color of the garment in post... it's a weird thing to wrap your head around but sometimes things are Photoshopped to look more true to life.

(Does anyone actually have this polo?)

As for whether she's actually that thin without retouching, about five minutes of Google-ing proves she is. I don't understand why anyone is still refuting that... the tone of this article continues to smack of snarking to me.