Nooooooooo, Not Tom Holland!!!!!

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Marvel Studios has lost custody of Spider-Man—its best Spider-Man—Tom Holland. Sony and Marvel have collapsed their relationship, as announced on Tuesday, creating a black hole in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where my heart used to be, filled by Tom Holland, the best Spider-Man.


Sony wants to keep doing Spider-Man and says, expressing human emotions as a corporate entity, that it’s “disappointed.” According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Disney and Sony entered into a unique partnership for Marvel to produce the Spider-Man movies that starred Tom Holland. The deal saw Feige as lead producer on Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home in a complex arrangement that allowed the hero, whose movie rights are controlled by Sony, to appear in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War and two Avengers movies.

The two sides had been talking about ways to extend the deal for future Spider-Man movies to star Holland but talks collapsed recently.

But what will happen to Tom Holland? He’s played the most charming, believable version of Spider-Man yet, with a unique, childlike earnestness that’s made him beloved both in his own franchise and as part of Avengers. He may be around, but as The Playlist notes:

It isn’t that the latest two ‘Spider-Man’ films had hints of MCU ties, like the Marvel TV series. Instead, ‘Homecoming’ and ‘Far From Home’ were dripping with Marvel Studios/Avengers plot threads. Villains were spawned by Tony Stark’s existence. Peter’s growth was tied directly to his interaction with the Avengers and the larger MCU.

Can Sony make a continuation of the Tom Holland/Jon Watts ‘Spider-Man’ franchise without the MCU? Sure, but it’s not going to be easy, and it’s sure as hell going to be noticeable.

Protect this hot fast-talking teen, please.



I know that it is a bad thing when Disney owns the IP of literally every major movie franchise ever (Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel), but in this case it really sucks! Tom Holland is great and the MCU as a whole is very enjoyable.

Sony has created ONE good Spider-Man movie on their own (Spider-Verse), out of seven attempts. The original Tobey Maguire movies do NOT hold up at all. They were good for their time, and the plot of the first 2 movies really underscored Peter Parker as this down on his luck constant underdog status, but the acting is SO BAD! And the writing is so corny and cringey!