Before this happened today and quickly because The Greatest Feud of Our Time, Tardar "Grumpy Cat" Sauce (right) and happy mutated accident Lil Bub (left) have been able to co-exist as two very different ridiculous Internet time-wasters for everyone to enjoy.

Friend had a shitty day? Send her a Grumpy Cat meme! Friend had to bury her head in a yogurt container in order to eat yogurt? Send her this video of Lil Bub burying her head in a yogurt container in order to eat yogurt! There hasn't really a conflict of interest in terms of our consumption of the two Internet-famous felines.* And it was good.

(Trailer voiceover:) UNTIL NOW.

It turns out that TIME Magazine, who just shot a spread with Grumpy Cat, has flagrantly ripped off a shoot that smaller magazine Bullett did of Lil Bub back in October. While a rep from TIME calls the matching photos "a complete coincidence," it's hard to believe that the exact duplicate shade of pink backround, plus the identical staging and framing of Bub and Grumpy, was just a fluke. Click through for the shots.


Is it that hard to think of interesting ways to photograph the most interesting cats in the world? The feline equivalent of the Dos Equis man?! I guess so.

*Must resist urge to make "Montagues and Cat-pulets" joke because I want to keep this job.