Jezebel just reported last week that a woman in New York, who said her cluster headaches were so debilitating that she had contemplated suicide, was denied medication by her doctor because she is of childbearing age and the medication she needs poses risks to a hypothetical fetus. She recorded her conversation with the doctor, because she didn’t think people would believe her.

Jack Resneck, president of the American Medical Association, told Politico they are seeing examples like this across the country. “These are not just rare anecdotes,” said Resneck. “The quantity we’re hearing — and we know we’re only hearing a tiny fraction of what’s going on — is significant.”

Medical groups are now sounding the alarm on the situation, as abortion bans have a ripple effect on critical medical care that is risking people’s lives.


“What we really need is for states to withdraw some of these laws, and if they’re refusing to do that, we at least need them to clarify the things they don’t intend to get caught up in these laws,” Resneck told Politico. “I just can’t sugarcoat how dangerous this is for our patients.”