Noel Gallagher of Oasis recently did some commentary for a compilation of his band's old videos. And apparently he really, really fucking hates them. Just totally hates them. Hates them so fucking much. Pretty much all of them. Oh God and it is beautiful.

"This is fucking nonsense," he laments as the camera pans over some post-apocalyptic garbed extras, woefully gazing off into the horizon. OMG where has this been my whole life. And you thought you hated those pretentious, overdone Oasis videos. Holy shit.

I have never seen a better take down on the nonsensical nature of rock star fame than this, and it's straight from the horse's mouth. Where to begin with how goddamn funny this is? How about all the times Noel points out how drunk he was? Or how furious he is at sausage leg people in one of the videos. Wait until you get to the video that Noel is completely fucking baffled by. ("Is this leading up to something? Have you seen this video?"; "WHAT THE? Why did they end up in hospital?...Was she on the bike?" OH GOD NOEL.LET'S DO THIS FOREVER.)

He is so gloriously angry about the shit videos he was forced to make.

"I fucking hate videos. I hate everything about them...I don't like the fact that the people that are making them think they're making fucking Apocalypse Now."



Jesus Christ, Noel. I am imagining the kind of upstart "filmmaker" who fancied himself the next Martin Scorsese only to find himself relegated to making videos for "Wonderwall." Can you imagine the next poor bastard who has to direct him in anything?

Look, this isn't just some drunk pop star offhandedly calling their fan base stupid or shitting all over one of their big hits publicly. This is some next level angry rock star shit. I wish they gave Nobel prizes for angry rants about old music videos. Because he really, really deserves one.


I am just in awe of every word of this. Well, like Noel says, in the 90's, if you needed four guys to walk in slow motion, they were the fucking best at it. So there's that.