Nobody Liked Mindy Kaling's Short Hair Except Mindy Kaling

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In the season premiere of The Mindy Project (on tonight), Dr. Mindy Lahiri can be found sporting a new short 'do, but don't expect it to stick around for too long. As showrunner and Mindy Project star Mindy Kaling told Jimmy Fallon last night, the pixie cut was actually a wig (dammit, this is just like Beyoncé all over again), though she did — for a brief moment — think about going short for real.


"I was, like, 'This is kind of great,'" Kaling told the Late Night audience. "I would do selfies and be, like, 'This is hot,' and I was, like, 'Guys, am I one of those girls who can pull of pixie cuts?' and immediately — no. My dad, my brother — they were, like, 'Absolutely not.'"

It looks like we won't be seeing Kaling with the Rosemary's Baby anytime soon. Oh, well. At least she's bringing her A-game manicure-wise.



My wife just got a pixie-ish haircut. Shortest it's ever been in her life. I get bishie sparkles whenever she walks into the room cause it looks so damn good.

Seriously: six-foot-one man squeeing like a happy child whenever he sees his wife's haircut. There is some voodoo in that hairdo.