Nobody Knows What The Hell Is Going On With Botox Mom Story

More details emerge from the "Botox Mom" story this morning, if only because Good Morning America doesn't want to admit they'd been duped. Now, ABC is refusing to pay the British agency they bought the story from, and followed up with their sources who suggest this unsettling story absolutely is real.

The "freelance journalist" who launched the story in the U.K. claims to have seen Kerry Campell — who now says her name is actually Sheena Upton — inject her daughter with Botox twice. This is completely contradicts what Kerry-Sheena told TMZ, which was that the whole thing was like an acting gig or photo shoot for her. Perhaps the hardest part of Sheena's explanation to believe is her statement that "Honestly, I don't even know what Botox is."


But if Kerry isn't lying about how Brittany's last injection (or fake injection) was over three months ago, chances are slim that signs of the drug would still remain and appear on her body. A "close family friend" who accompanied Brittany and her Mom to the interview they gave to GMA insists she saw injections being performed on Brittany, saying "I was there for everything. We were all there. We all saw it."

Now, Good Morning America is refusing to pay the $10,000 they paid Claire Stevens for the story (or "photo rights," because journalists never pay for stories!). ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider spoke to The Hollywood Reporter:

"We had agreed to pay a $10,000 licensing feel to a U.K. freelancer for the pictures, but obviously in light of everything that's happened, zero money has been sent that way," says Schneider. "We have a contract with the freelancer, which obviously stipulates that the images depict what they purport to show, that there's no staging in any way," he goes on. "So with all those open questions, we're going to hold [the money] back."


Schneider adds that ABC News is "vigorously" investigating whether Kerry-Sheena's claims are true. "We have one goal: To get to the bottom of this," adds the rep, "and to share with our audience any new information and development we can uncover."

You can choose to believe these sources or not — but make no mistake: Child Protective Services is absolutely still investigating this case.


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House Milkshaker of Daftbollocks

Good grief - I said this was a pile of bullshit story from the start. Why - because it is from THE SUN. Few people with sense in the UK believes that tabloid rag. They are renowned for making up stories and this is just one. I mean 'virgin waxes' - what a complete baloney. It is not even physically possible to wax hair that has arrived yet. This story was originally reported as British and believe me, injecting a 8 year old with ANYTHING is taken very seriously over here. So they changed it to make her the mother American.

It disturbs me how the Daily Mail and Sun stories are swallowed wholesale by American media outlets. It make them look very very stupid indeed.

In short - don't believe our British tabloids. Even the truth is twisted to make a story. They are right-wing muck peddlers and I would feel inappropriate using them to line a bird cage.