Nobody in This Subway Cares That Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Playing the Drums

Seriously, people? Open your hearts and eyes!

As for the rest of you:

Did your teenage self carry a torch for Cameron James in 10 Things I Hate About You? Did adult-you swoon as Tom sang along (poorly) to The Pixies in 500 Days of Summer? Will you be first in line to see Snowden? If any of the aforementioned are true, you’ll be disappointed to know that you missed Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing the drums on a subway platform.


Gordon-Levitt pulled this stunt to promote his pet-project HitRecord. Partnered with LG, they endeavor to “capture those unmissable, spectacular moments that happen everyday.” Accordingly, the organization has launched a project called “Everyday, Spectacular,” in which anyone—famous or not—can submit recordings of their musical performances.

But nobody asked Joseph about HitRecord, or—perhaps more pressingly—why he was chilling on a damn subway platform. Commuters merely walked on, eyes passively traveling in the direction of an oncoming train, heads congested with existential grievances and Drake hooks.


That is, until one man leans out the door of his train. “You look like Pee-Wee Herman in that suit!” he calls.

Sir, you’re not wrong.


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