​No Severance Package for Darren Wilson Following Resignation

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Yesterday, Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen, resigned from the Ferguson Police Department, stating he did not want to put his police peers and other members of the community at risk. Today, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles announced that Wilson would not be receiving any further pay effective immediately.


Knowles informed reporters that Wilson and the city of Ferguson have severed ties, and that after being on paid administrative leave since the August 9 altercation, Wilson would no longer be receiving pay or benefits because you know, he resigned. Not that Wilson's really strapped for cash with all those donations rolling in. Via USA Today:

Knowles said at a press conference Sunday that the city of 21,000 will fund police academy scholarships aimed at increasing minority representation on the city's force of more than 50 members. Recipients will be required to work on the Ferguson force for at least two years after graduation. All but a handful of Ferguson officers are white; the city is predominantly black.

Knowles, who is white, said the city will increase its stipend for officers living in the city, and will start a police explorer program in schools aimed at improving relations between police and residents.


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I am calm, but thanks

It is sad that this even has to be clarified. Why on earth would he continue to be paid after resigning. I'm sure he will get rich on a book deal anyway. Disgusting.