No One Will Ever Believe Chrissy Teigen Got Bill Murrayed Once, Too

Photo via the AP
Photo via the AP

The New Yorker today published a video of a group of strangers recounting their bizarrely charming run-ins with the actor Bill Murray. Are they all true? Only Bill Murray can say for sure, and good luck asking for comment—legend has it he only responds to phone calls using an 800-number answering service.

The stories are old, though entertaining and often improbable; the New Yorker roundtable has the feel of a group of old sports fans trying to one up each other with game tales. There’s the time Murray randomly joined someone’s kickball game; the time he agreed to do a Wes Anderson-inspired slow-motion walk and then just kept walking; the time he only agreed to take a picture with fans if they found his kids for him. Much of his behavior could be considered rude, but is often excused because Murray is the person doing it. Most of these stories are impossible to verify, and the more unbelievable stories posted to Reddit tend to end the same way: Murray doing something outrageous before declaring, “No one will ever believe you.”

But model Chrissy Teigen, who is this week full of interesting sideline gossip, says she too has experienced the elusive Murray encounter.


We’ve reached out to her rep to verify, with no response. Not that it matters if she does; no one will ever believe it.

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