No One Wears Hair Feathers Like Dog the Bounty Hunter Wears Hair Feathers

The only person allowed to wear feathers in their hair is Dog the Bounty Hunter. His hair feathers are all things your hair feathers will never be, because you will never be as cool as the guy whose flowing golden mullet busts through the doors of shady convicts set to a soundtrack of power metal. You will never utter the words, "If you want to rock n' roll, we got the guitar. We're ready," and mean them the way Dog does. You will never flick your hair feathers out of the way to put someone in a choke hold and yell, "I am a law man on a mission from God."

No, your hair feathers will never lead the kind of life the Dog's hair feathers do. Just do them a favor and put your hair feathers away. Let Dog wear them for you.



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