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No One Watched the Eclipse Better Than Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker had what’s been confirmed as the most orgasmic eclipse viewing experience today, on the occasion of the Great American Eclipse of 2017.


Her experience began, simply enough, with a video she captured of the sun hidden behind clouds (above). And then it escalated—intensely—as SJP began to witness the iconic moment. While Matthew Broderick stood by being far too chill about all this, Parker showed an enviable level of enthusiasm for science, for history, for anyone who’s ever been loved.

Broadcasting from a boat in South Carolina, SJP described the experience as “maybe one of the most thrilling moments of my life.”


And then it happened.

“Oh my god, this is the most spectacular sight I have ever seen!”

This is big! This is the moment you stop pretending to be chill! Let out your inner child! Be an eclipse groupie!

“It doesn’t make any sense!” she exclaims. “It’s happening you guys!” Yes “It’s happening!” There’s lightning and birds and “Whip out your glasses!” “Oh my god!” And, oh, a fit of joyous laughter and “Oh my god!” “I wish you all were here!!” Because it’s beautiful. God, “This is the most spectacular, unimaginable, perfect, beautiful!” Then she whispers: “Ridiculous...”


Finally, SJP’s excitement dies down into an incredulous sense of awe that can only be expressed through theatrical whispers: “We did it. We made it. Oh my god. We saw it,” she says. “Matthew, yes exactly. It’s so humbling. It’s so...extraordinary.” Indeed. It is. It was. Congrats, SJP, you did “it.”

This is how all viral eclipse viewings should be.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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i love this. i love when people (celebs or normal) let down their guards and just geek out about stuff like this. because it IS cool. it was a fun day, and i’m glad SJP had a fuckin blast.