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In an exclusive chat with Us Weekly, matriarch, momager, and occasional E! News correspondent Kris Jenner revealed that her family has beefed up their security recently (especially after the robberies of daughters Kim and Kendall) “to a crazy level.”

The remaining quotes in the piece are from unnamed “sources,” but let’s not kid ourselves—this is probably all coming from Kris. Anyway, this source—let’s call her Chris Chenner—claims everyone on Kim’s staff “had to take polygraphs to see if anyone was involved in her robbery” and that they all “passed.”


The source also reveals that before being allowed to enter the “$11 million mansion Kim shares with husband Kanye West in L.A.’s Bel Air” you must “get patted down by security.” Though I’m sure no pat down is as effective as Kris Jenner’s eyesight:

[Us Weekly]

Have you seen the 2016 remake of Pete’s Dragon? It’s amazing, truly. I cried twice in the first 10 minutes just because it was so good. So nice. Though the comparison is a bit of a stretch (maybe I just wanted to mention Pete’s Dragon, so what), this story—about Beyoncé having a FaceTime chat with a teenager named Ebony Banks who’s battling a rare form of cancer—made me feel similarly good.


Just nice people doing nice things for each other, you know?



Jake Gyllenhaal once met Barack Obama while on a White House tour. Here’s his memory of the moment:

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