No Offense to Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, But You Can't Just 'Reenact' Vanderpump Rules

Much like the lateral undulation of a burrowing asp, or a planet slowly twisting in the darkness, Stassi Schroeder—patron saint of the chin implant, fierce advocate of the chevron print, dramatic Queen Bee of the Vanderpump Rules empire—is not easily imitated. On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live!, Emma Roberts gave it a shot anyway.


On the show to promote their new film Nerve, Roberts and Dave Franco got themselves a little in over their heads by trying to reenact one of the most iconic moments in recent television history, i.e. when Stassi confronted Kristen about banging her boyfriend Jax, and Kristen, who did bang Jax, emphatically denied it, and then Stassi used her entire arm to hit Kristen in the face.

To refresh your memory:

The WWHL reenactment script appears to be a shortened version of the above scene; Franco, who hadn’t seen the show before, played Kristen (“she’s crazy and a liar,” Roberts summarized for him), while his counterpart attempted the part of Stassi. Neither were successful.

“Oh, you’re going to sue me? You’re done!” Emma Roberts-as-Stassi intoned, with all the depth of a can of tuna.

There is simply no comparison.

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While we’re walking down memory lane: How was Sandoval with Kristen for so long? How is he still friends with Jax?