No, Katherine Heigl Did Not Sign a 'Non-Diva Agreement' Before Joining the Cast Of Suits

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Imagine a lawyer sitting you down at their desk, sliding a document over to your side, and saying, “Now, what we have here is a standard Non-Diva Agreement. Feel free to read through it and ask any questions you might have.” While funny, I’m not sure that’s ever actually happened—not even to newly crowned Suits queen Katherine Heigl. Still, it’s nice that Gossip Cop has once again gone out of its way to discredit a publication for whom “discredited” is a default state.

This week, Star reported that Heigl was “forced” to sign a “non-diva agreement” so that she wouldn’t be “a nightmare” on set. Said an anonymous insider:

“It’s all been laid out in legal jargon, but basically it says no changing of the script, no temper tantrums, no openly challenging the director or producers, and no negotiating a pay increase until the end of the season.”


But as delicious as that is to think about, it’s not true. (I mean, maybe Heigl’s Suits co-stars privately joked about making her sign one, but that was likely the extent of it.) Writes Gossip Cop, in third person:

Gossip Cop checked in with a production source, who assures us there’s no such document that Heigl was made to sign. Additionally, her rep tells us the tabloid’s tale is “completely false and absurd.”

Also, if you (like myself) were a subscriber to Those Heavenly Days, you would know that Heigl’s diva days are long behind her. She’s baking cookies while in a zen-like state now, not angering Shonda Rhimes.

[Gossip Cop]

I don’t mean to twist the knife that was jammed into your back last night after learning Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had broken up, but it’s time for a sad-ish update from TMZ. Sources say both Aniston and Theroux have been over and done for some time, and that they moved to their respective Splitsvilles as long ago as August.


They add:

One source familiar with the couple said the rumbling is that they will do what celebs are increasingly doing — getting their business managers involved first and reaching a property settlement — and then, when it’s all but a done deal, file legal docs in court. It avoids turning divorce into a soap opera.


Now I’m starting to wonder about this...


And now, a political tweet from Gus Kenworthy:


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It really irritates me how the “difficult” reputation follows women around. You know what? Her storyline DID suck on Grey’s.

I hope she does well on Suits and can revive her career.