No Haitian Orphan For Angie; LC's Book Is Number One

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Not right now, anyway. Angelina says: "I'm always open to children around the world. We're that kind of a family; Brad and I talk about that. But that's not what we're focusing on at this time, by any means. We're not here for that. We're here to see how we can help protect the children in country and scale up the needs here." Video at the link. [Extra]

  • Tiger Woods was "in denial" during his sex addiction rehab and treated it like it was a big joke, according to a source. [The Sun]
  • Tiger Woods is getting a new boat, which may be a "peace offering" to his wife Elin. [People]
  • Lauren Conrad's second book has topped the bestseller list. At least people are reading? [People]
  • Ruh-roh: Cops restrained Alec Baldwin yesterday after he came home from the hospital and found a mob of paparazzi and media at his apartment. A photographer asked him how he and his daughter Ireland were doing. Alec allegedly "went ballistic," and was held back by cops. In addition: It now seems that Alec took an Ambien during an argument with his daughter and that his ex-wife Kim Basinger may have told Ireland to call 911 in order to embarrass Alec. Allegedly. [Radar Online]
  • A witness says when the paparazzi were outside of his apartment building, Alec Baldwin was pacing and muttering "They are the lowest scum of the Earth. They are the lowest scum of the Earth." [NYDN]
  • This column claims that Lindsay Lohan missed the Vienna Opera Ball because she was busy shopping, but yesterday we read that she wasn't scheduled to attend. [Page Six]
  • At the link, Jennifer Aniston talks about the orphanage in Tijuana she is helping out, and also how her acting coach put taught her to twirl her hair. [Access Hollywood]
  • Swiss authorities are saying it makes "no sense" to remove Roman Polanski from his house arrest. They will make no move toward extradition until courts in L.A. rule that the director must face further sentencing. [AP]
  • Roman Polanski's film Ghost Writer has its world premiere on Berlin today. Word is it's a "slick, well-paced thriller." [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • The project has been up in the air for a while, but now Kate Winslet is indeed set to star in Todd Haynes' HBO miniseries, Mildred Pierce. The 1945 film of the same name earned Joan Crawford an Oscar for best actress. [Collider]
  • Is Courtney Love guilty of misappropriating funds intended for her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain? [TMZ]
  • Courtney Love tells Spin magazine: "I married a guy, he killed himself, I inherited everything. That's the way it goes." [Page Six]
  • Quentin Tarantino went to a party at a gallery owner's house and, while talking to Harvey Weinstein, leaned on a $1 million painting. [Page Six]
  • Amy Winehouse used to have 11 cats running wild around her apartment. But before she left for Jamaica, she called an animal shelter and gave them up. Progress? [The Sun]
  • John Mayer is "professor" at the Berklee College of music; he has a video called "Honesty In Songwriting." As this columnist points out, no word on "Media Relations." [New York Mag]
  • The Final Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, will be two films instead of one. This not only drags things out but traps Rob and Kristen in the roles they're probably ready to leave behind. Fun! [E!]
  • Sources at American Idol claim Howard Stern was never offered a job at American Idol. [Contact Music]
  • Harrison Ford used his own plane — a Cessna — to fly medical volunteers to Haiti. [Mirror]
  • Helen Mirren on Mariah Carey at the Palm Springs Film Festival: . "I thought she was so sweet and lovely — and blasted, yes, but why not? It was her night to celebrate." [Gatecrasher via Advocate]
  • Dennis Hopper's drama: Persistent. [Page Six]
  • This story about the body buried in front of the house Christian Bale was renting in 2008 is creepy! [ONTD]
  • Quincy Jones says of "We Are The World": "A lot of people told us that [there should be no remake of the song]. Jay-Z said that to me. He said it shouldn't be remade." Jay, the voice of reason! [MSNBC Scoop]
  • Jillian Michaels is being sued over her weight loss product. Again. [TMZ]
  • Video of Tila Tequila eating tacos and predicting her baby is a girl. This is posted as "exclusive." As if anyone else wants it. [Radar Online]
  • Everything you never wanted to know about Megan Fox's thumb double, at the link. [TMZ]
  • While we're on the subject of Megan Fox, her boyfriend Brian Austin Green has real estate issues — he's $70,000 behind on mortgage payments and is trying to get rid of his house in a short sale. [TMZ]
  • Unsolicited uterus update: Paula Patton credits her pregnancy to husband Robin Thicke's "super sperm." [People]
  • Pierce Bronson found wearing tights to film the CGI portions of Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief rather humiliating: "You know it's not easy to be all butch up here and look down and you've got tights on." [Mirror]
  • Khloe Kardashian would like to make a solo sex tape for her husband. "Like masturbation," she says. "I kind of like the idea of a sexy little video… I could be naughty." Ugh, does this mean a clip is going to get "leaked"? [Access Hollywood]
  • Dr. Dre is suing Death Row records and for some reason this makes me feel nervous. [TMZ]
  • Aww: Someone cares enough about Angelina from Jersey Shore to hack her Facebook page. [TMZ]
  • Jersey Shore's Pauly D and and some woman he hooked up with are "in touch every day" and this is news. [Radar Online]
  • Guess who's really loving Jersey Shore? The peeps at Viacom and flagship network MTV — profits are up. [WSJ]
  • Kevin Federline is dancing again! All is right in the world. Although if his "comeback" becomes a reality show, all is not right in the world. [TMZ]
  • "I would consider [proposing to my boyfriend] and I did consider it. I knew that I wanted to marry him after about three dates, but it was six years before he proposed. In the second year especially, I really, really, really wanted to be engaged to him. But he was just taking his time. Eventually, I adopted the philosophy that he wasn't ready and I wasn't in a hurry, so I knew that it would be worth the wait. I trusted that it would happen eventually because we communicated our intentions with one another. It wasn't as if I was waiting in the dark. There have been cases when I have worked for a long time on films away from home and he has sacrificed so much to come visit me and keep our lives together. All I had to do was be patient and understanding." — Amy Adams. [Independent]
  • "I go out and have a drink every once in a while. Ooh, I know that's controversial, isn't it? I sometimes go on a vacation, too. I take what I do very seriously, and when I'm on the set that's all I focus on, so my vice is to hang out with my friends and talk about absolutely nothing of importance whatsoever and act like a complete idiot because I've got to filter out a lot of the serious stuff I'm dealing with all the time. It's like therapy to just be a complete idiot with my friends and it's fantastic." — Leonardo DiCaprio, on his attempts to live a "normal" life. [Telegraph]
  • "I think part of it is being still and all that. I don't know. I like to kind of come in at the side door. I like to act like a submarine; just don't do much and just let it evolve. It's resisting the urge to push the envelope. It's very difficult for an actor to avoid, you want to show a bit. But I think the less one shows the better." — Anthony Hopkins, on how he manages to be menacing in movies. [LA Times]
  • "Re-examining what happens to women in their 30s, 40s and 50s is, in some ways, incredibly new territory. I was driving to work and there was a big billboard with Denzel Washington looking like another film about the end of the world. Sex and the City really is something quite new and fresh compared to that. There's so much more to tell. It's also something that women crave." — Kim Cattrall. [Independent]
  • "I want more babies." — Jennifer Lopez. [ET]
  • "One time there was this rumour that Stringer Bell was coming back – so I did this freestyle about it, and I addressed it plain and simple... He's not coming back. Done." — Idris Elba talks about his music career and so much more, at the link. [Independent]
  • "I get a lot of young readers. They come to me when they are 15, to my Twitter account or my Facebook and they say: 'You know, I stole my mother's copy and I read it under the covers and it was so much fun and now I love reading – I'm going to read all your books.' Then they go back and read all the 26 books and so it just keeps going. It kind of balloons, it's great." — Jackie Collins. [Daily Express]
  • "THIS IS WHY I STILL HAVE A BLOG. TO BE A PART OF MOMENTS LIKE THIS ... NEW SADE ... HOW MUCH BETTER THIS THAN THAN EVERYTHING ELSE." — Kanye West, who is among the many music industry types singing the praises of Sade at the link. All caps! Just like old times. [New York Mag]
  • "When I was eighteen, River Phoenix was far and away my hero. Think of all those early great performances - My Own Private Idaho. Stand by Me. I always wanted to meet him. One night, I was at this Halloween party, and he passed me. He was beyond pale - he looked white. Before I got a chance to say hello, he was gone, driving off to the Viper Room, where he fell over and died. That's a lesson." — Leonardo DiCaprio. Nice pix at the link. [Esquire]



I first read that as "Dr. DREW is suing Death Row Records" and I was all like, WTF did Death Row do to Dr. Drew? It appears that I have, indeed, forgot about Dre.