No, Demi Lovato, THIS Is What a Vagina Tattoo Looks Like

Demi Lovato recently converted a wrist tattoo of hers into a rose. She documented the change on her Instagram account.


She captioned the photo, “Bye bye 💋 and hello 🌹.. Thank you SO MUCH to my brother @GEESPOTAT2... It looks beaaauutiful and I LOVE it!! 💉💉💉 #RIPvaginatattoo #kidsdontdodrugs.” But what did the tattoo look like before, Demi? A kiss or a “vagina”? Let’s take a look at an older photo.


Hmm. She must have only jokingly referred to it as a vagina, because that’s definitely a mouth, right? I mean, it’s barely a mouth, but it’s more of a mouth than a vagina. A vagina tattoo would look more like this.


Images via Instagram/Getty/Myotaut

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