No Babies For Britney Or Aniston; Authorities Investigate Suleman Household

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  • Britney Spears is denying that she is pregnant with her third child after Ryan Seacrest announced on his radio show that a "reliable source" told him she was. "She's absolutely not pregnant," said Britney's spokesman.

He added, "I have no idea where this ridiculous rumour has come from." [Mirror]

  • Sam Lutfi has filed an appeal against the permanent restraining order that says he has to stay away from Britney Spears. "Never before in the history of the world has a restraining order been granted as a result of someone answering someone else's cries for help," said his lawyer. "The evidence showed it was Britney Spears reaching out to Mr. Lutfi and all he did was help her get a lawyer." [TMZ]
  • Ugh. Britney Spears called the hotel she'll be staying at when her tour hits London to install a stripper pole in her suite. Asource said: 'Britney loves pole dancing, it is her new favourite work out. [The Daily Mail]
  • Yesterday Star claimed that Jennifer Aniston is adopting a baby boy and even announced what Jen is planning to name him. The only problem is Us says the story is a total lie. [E!]
  • Child and Family Services questioned Nadya Sulemen yesterday after a teacher reported her 4-year-old autistic son showed up to school with a black eye and bite marks. Her lawyer said the two-year-old twins may have caused the bruises, but then added, "Poor Aiden, he falls a lot. He jumps at noises and things and bump furniture and walls." [TMZ]
  • Though Madonna won a court to make the U.S. the permanent home of her sons Rocco and David, she has decided to let Guy Ritchie have the boys for the summer while she is on tour. "Guy absolutely dotes on his children and can't wait to have them for a whole three months," says a source. "He is surprised and pleased that Madonna is being so generous - as she has at times been impossible." [The Sun]
  • Leona Lewis's horse kicked her in the face, splitting her lip and knocking her to the floor. A source says, "Leona has been riding since she was a child and has never had a fear of horses. So she was really shaken up when the horse turned on her. Something startled the horse and it flicked its head back and smacked Leona full in the face." [Perez Hilton]
  • Brady Green has been convicted of stalking Tyra Banks. He could be sentenced for up to 90 days in jail for stalking, harassment, criminal trespass and attempted aggravated harassment. [AP]
  • The Albertina Museum in Austria got a call from a woman claiming to be Beyonce's manager, who said she was coming for a visit. The woman who showed up, "Was too thin for Beyoncé," says museum press officer Verena Dahlitz. "I thought she had probably lost weight." but they gave her a tour anyway. It turns out the woman was an impostor sent by a local radio station. [People]
  • The marketing manager at the radio station said they hired a German model for the prank, "We'll call the Albertina to say we meant no harm," manager Andrea Hilber said. "It was a great museum tour." [Earth Times]
  • Tina Meier was awarded TEEN LINE's 2009 Humanitarian Award for her work to stop cyber bullying following her daughter Megan Meier's suicide. "After I'd go out and speak before [the trial], I would be emotionally drained and cry for two hours, but now I've grown stronger," she says. "The pain of losing Megan will never go away, but it has lessened with the knowledge that I can help another child, another family." [People]
  • Julianne Hough won't be returning do Dancing With The Stars for season 9. [People]
  • The 67 breakfast trays and 80 gallons of coffee Hugh Jackman ordered for the 800 fans camping out at the Wolverine premiere came to $4308.87. [TMZ]
  • Hugh Jackman says that he's more attached to how Wolverine is received because he is a producer. "This is how I saw the Wolverine character and I haven't been quiet or shy about saying I wanted to make this movie, so it becomes more personal. [If it fails] I can't lay the blame on anybody else," he said, adding, "It's true that by X-Men 3 the character was getting a little softer, so here we've made him a little darker, a little edgier and – if you'll forgive the American expression – more badass." [The Telegraph]
  • Leighton Meester dyed her hair a slightly lighter shade of brown, which is supposed to mean something about her potential music career. [E!]
  • Amanda Setton, who plays Penelope Shafai on Gossip Girl says of her the relationship between her co-stars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr, "It fell into place quite quickly and we're all super excited for them ... They really balance each other. I'm just happy that they're happy." [People]
  • Josh Duhamel will drive the pace car at the Indy 500 in May. [USA Today]
  • Lisa Rinna has some good news about the swine flu: she thinks her entire family had it, but they survived. "I believe we all, except for myself, had the swine flu at our house," she said, "How do you know it's the swine flu? I don't know but we had all the symptoms." [Entertainment Tonight]
  • Lisa Rinna says she no longer wants to appear on the new Melrose Place. "We had a moment, and it was real fun," Rinna says. "I've moved on. It's all good." [E!]
  • At a panel discussion at New York City's Paley Center for Media the cast of Ugly Betty shared some spoilers about the upcoming season, which you can read here: [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Jonathan Rhys Myers is denying reports that he cancelled some recent performances because he was in rehab for an alcohol problem. He says he spent time with a counselor, but "I just felt I needed time off and I didn't need to go to awards ceremonies. You can get slightly waylaid as an actor doing that sort of thing and I'm never that comfortable at them anyway." [The Daily Express]
  • Kylie Minogue is in the market for a villa in Spain because she wants to be closer to her Spanish model boyfriend Andres Velencoso. "Kylie also wants to learn Spanish and has been following DVDs. But having a house in Spain will make things easier," said a source. [The Star]
  • Anna Faris says she's not trying to lose weight for her wedding. "I am fattening it up!" she said. "Now that I have a man, I'm like, 'Oh, I don't have to try anymore! Now I can eat. We love to splurge at home. We love to cook. My fiancé is an incredible eater, and so he's really fun to feed, and it's great to share some wine and watch a movie. He's always like, 'Baby, don't lose that butt!'" [People]
  • According to Jamie Kennedy, girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt's family loves him. "I go over to her mom's house to play charades,"said Kennedy, adding, "Jennifer's brother, Todd, gave me his blessing. That's pretty exciting!" [E!]
  • Kara DioGuardi is one of People's most beautiful people, but she says she still has insecurities. "When I was trying to be an artist, people would say, 'Maybe you need to lose a little weight; your nose is too big.' When it's time to go on stage, I think, 'Shave [down] your nose!'" [People]
  • Justin Long and Drew Barrymore were spotted out together, but they say they were just hanging out as friends. [Perez Hilton]
  • Pink made a surprise appearance in Trafalgar Square to film a new T-Mobile ad and had the crowd sing along to songs like "Hey Jude" and "Hit Me Baby one More Time." [The Star]
  • People are saying Julia Ormond is experiencing a comeback because she appeared recently in Benjamin Button, Che and Kit Kittridge: An American Girl. She says: "How I see it is that there was a point in time when I felt I needed to step away and then it's three years that I've been working more intensely. I balk at the term comeback. For me, an actor's life is something where you're going to have highs and lows, and you just hope to continue working. I see it as more of a continuation. The way movies work is that you don't have any control over when they are going to come out." [Reuters]


Remember when Julia Ormond was supposed to be The Next Big Thing Superstar of the Universe and then she made a series of the worst. movies. ever. including a total desecration of my beloved Sabrina?