Nine-Year-Old Girl Completes Course Designed For Navy Seals, We are All Useless

A nine-year-old girl from Miami, Florida, completed a 24-hour course designed for actual adult members of the U.S. Navy. This makes me feel like she would definitely beat me up in a bar room brawl, if either of us were likely to get into bar room brawls in the first place.


Then again, cracking an empty beer bottle against a table to use as some sort of weaponry goes against Milla Bizzotto’s anti-bullying ideology, which is one of the reasons she completed the course in the first place.

Bizzotto became the youngest competitor to complete the Bullfrog challenge, which includes “running 36 miles [and] swimming an eight kilometer course and 25 obstacles, for six laps,” according to Cosmopolitan.

Cosmo also reported that Bizzoto, who has been the target of school bullying in the past, was encouraged by her father to complete the course to set an example for others her age and to “get active.”

But also, seriously kids? You’re really going to mess around with a kid who can best real-life Navy Seals?! I guess they took the hint: Bizzoto’s dad and coach stated to the press that “the bullying thing has died down without her having to take physical action just because her outlook is so much different now that she knows how to defend herself.”

#TeamMilla, y’all.

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So.... a 9 year old girl completed a course designed for what is the most elite outfit of our arsenal? I think? And we’re STILL having the conversation about whether women should be integrated into certain ranks within our armed forces?

The mind boggles.