Illustration for article titled Nightmare Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Steps Down as Turing CEO Following Arrest

Turing Pharmaceuticals has announced that Martin Shkreli, its v. unpopular CEO, is resigning. Shkreli was arrested yesterday on unrelated fraud charges, which allege he engaged in improper self-enrichment, using a previous company as his personal checkbook to pay off other debts. You can’t do that.


Turing announced Shkreli’s resignation Friday afternoon, the BBC reports, adding that he will be replaced by someone named Ron Tilles, whose life is hopefully a smidge less exciting.

Shkreli hasn’t commented publicly on his arrest or resignation except to tweet that he’s happy to be home from federal custody, where he spent yesterday.


Shkreli usually runs a nightly livestream, where just before his arrest he engaged in some questionable flirting with a high school student. He did not conduct a livestream last night.

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Shkreli leaving his arraignment Thursday, December 17, 2015. Photo via AP Images

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Kumail’s tweet is gold. I actually did ‘laugh out loud’. Because his arrest was pretty much the best thing that happened to anybody yesterday.