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Niecy Nash Leaves Clean House, Vanessa Huxtable Moves In

Confession: I love Clean House. As a recovering pack rat, seeing people part with their clutter — and end up enjoying it — is an oddly soothing type of entertainment.

I used to deny my tendency to hoard stuff and call myself an archivist. But a dear friend with a Virgo rising, along with moving and watching Clean House, made me realize that you are not what you own, and your stuff doesn't have to own you. And! Memories are forever, but shit can be thrown away.

If you don't know, on Clean House, the Niecy and her team help a family get rid of junk by having a yard sale and using the proceeds to refurnish and refurbish the home. It's part therapy, part makeover, part comedy. Niecy has a tough love approach: She often makes a point of insisting someone on the show give up something they really love, to show them that they'll love living a less-cluttered life even more.


The best part? The look on people's faces when their disastrous, obstacle-filled, bedrooms and living rooms have been transformed into beautifully decorated, organized and harmonious spaces.

Yesterday, Niecy's last episode aired. Sniffle. Anyway, according to a press release, Tempestt Bledsoe's episodes star January 26. Cosby sweater weather!

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I need a clutter makeover. Somedays (like today) I feel like I need a life makeover, but I'd settle for a clutter revolution. I have no idea where to start though...I feel bad to get rid of things (I don't want to just create garbage) but I don't own anything that anyone would want to buy because it's all from IKEA four years ago, and can you even have a yard sale in an apartment building?